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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dear Comment Spammers, (Profanity Ahead)

Hello there again, I am Jack's Raging Mommy.

I must say, I have come to accept your existence. In order for my readers without Blogger accounts or websites in general to comment I leave my comments open, understanding that you will appear. Most of you have the decency to leave your comments in my latest post, making it all the more easy for me to delete you.


There is a special sort of hell reserved for a certain branch of your kind. This branch leaves comment spam in old posts. As Blogger does not specify what post has been commented in I have no way of knowing what you have defiled. So today I decided to hit the archives and do some clean up. That's when I found the FIVE drunk/milf/glory hole comments in my wedding photos. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Those are my WEDDING pictures. Regardless of the fact that I am female, you left the porn links in my fucking WEDDING PHOTOS.

You see mister comment spammer, it is possible for us to live in peace. Leave your non-porn links in my most recent posts and we will have a nice symbiosis. BUT if you leave porn in old posts, especially wedding photos or photos of my son, I WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY WRATH. They prosecute spammers nowadays. I have three site trackers. I see you! I see your IP! I will hunt you down. I am a crazy woman, you should not mess with me.

Fuck you again,
Jack's Raging Mommy