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Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Blog Explosion Criteria

I spend a lot of time on "Blog Explosion", in the hopes that I may find new blogs to read and Blogroll.

BE is a nice service, because while you are looking for other blogs your blog is also being displayed. BE also has a couple games I like, Blog Rocket and Battle of the Blogs. I like to vote on BotB, and I want to explain my voting criteria. If you read my poker post, you know I can be really particular about how I like things done.

If you have a real blog versus a money based blog, I will vote for you. If your post is real as opposed to whoring out your "Rent My Blog" choice, I will vote for you. If you are a photo blog versus a real blog, I vote for the real blog. If you are a non-political or left leaning blog versus a right wing blog, you win. Say there are two blogs who have real content battling one another. I vote for the blog with substantive content. If your post is you in a bikini, or you with girls in bikinis, you lose. If your blog is mostly repeats of news reports with no opinion of your own stated? You lose. Foremost, if your post is how important it is for you to win BotB contests, unless your post is against a higher ranking pet peeve, you lose.

You may be saying "but this post is about BotB contests" and you are right, it is. But I am not begging for your vote. My only purpose is to be read. If you've made it this far then you seem like a fair person and will make the right choice, most likely against me.
See, whenever I compete I am labeled with the scarlet word "Profanities". Generally if I am accepting a challenge I will chose those also stigmatized by the service. I have to admit my favorite win was the one where the fundamentalist chose my challenge, and I perservered. It shows me that free speech and content are more important than ideology.

My tips for battlers? Have a real post that you composed. Don't talk about how hot the opposite sex finds you. Don't talk about how important your makeup and latest beauty find is. Don't talk about how badly you need to win for your self esteem. Don't have a paragraph of ads before your content begins, and for God's sake, find your voice. I may not win regularly, but I vote regularly, and these are sure-fire losing vote activities for me.

If this post is up during a battle, PLEASE use my criteria against me. I want to win for my merits, not the half naked pic I could post.

UNFAIRNESS ALERT: If I have you Blogrolled, e.g. Eulallia, you will win no matter what. I never said I was unbiased.