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Saturday, July 08, 2006

June Books

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio- Terry Ryan
I Am Legend- Richard Matheson
Under the Skin- Michael Faber
The Worthing Saga- Orson Scott Card*
One Door Away From Heaven- Dean Koontz
Doomsday Book- Connie Willis*
To Say Nothing Of the Dog- Connie Willis*
Memoirs of an Unfit Mother- Anne Robinson
A Hat Full Of Sky- Terry Pratchett
Nine Stories- JD Salinger*
The Life an Humor of Rosie O'Donnell- Gloria Goodman (Written before she came out, not the bio I was hoping for)
Thud- Terry Pratchett
Property Of- Alice Hoffman
Riding the Bus With My Sister- Rachel Simon (Book #100 for the year)
Blackbird House- Alice Hoffman
The Stranger House- Reginald Hill
The Best Of Cemetary Dance Vol. 1- Edited By Richard Cizmar
From The Dust Returned- Ray Bradbury
Mara and Dann- Doris Lessing

* re-read


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