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Monday, July 03, 2006

Well, hi there!

So we're back, and we were hungover as predicted. That will happen when you have open bars two nights in a row. (Not to mention hitting the hotel bar afterwards. God how we drank)

I think I'm going to have to break it up in to a couple posts to tell all about it, the two main themes right now being how much Doubletree Inn and Suites in Omaha sucks donkey balls(there's a reason there was no drunken blogging), and how much I hate being an in-law. (I don't hate my in-laws, but both I and the other in-law present felt very marginalized during the whole thing)

Jack apparently had a great weekend and didn't miss me at all. My mom dropped him off yesterday and I didn't get greeted with smiles or him reaching for me and saying hi. He just kind of looked at me like, "Oh, there she is. All right then." and then when my mom left he started to cry. Once he saw Joe he started to smile and say hi and ran over to him. I'm so loved.

Mostly I am just glad to be home, to have my baby and my own bed, and to not be in heels anymore. My feet are still sore, and I have so many blisters it's freaky. Not to mention the toe that lost circulation and was basically asleep for a whole day. My poor feet :(

How were your weekends? I guess I should actually go read some blogs now and find out.


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