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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Family That Bathes Together

For the past couple of months Jack has been able to climb anything he puts his mind to, even if it requires moving items to use as step stools. He's very bright, but also very, very mobile. Which means that I cannot take a shower while he is awake, because even 5 minutes is too long to leave him unsupervised. I can't take a shower when he's asleep since the bathroom is right next to his room and invariably the shower wakes him up.

Then I thought, hey, I'll get one of those baby tub seats that has the lap-bar, and I'll set him in the shower while I bathe! That will work, and I can bathe more often than every three days. (When you don't leave the house it's easier to skip)
Today, I attempted this theory.


That was interesting.

Turns out that despite the fact that this tub seat has a lap bar, it seems that Jack my little climber can climb right the hell out of it. So our in theory safe shower was spent with him standing in his seat trying to eat body wash (until I gave him a tub toy to eat) and me desperately trying to not spray him with shampoo or body soap runoff. Knowing my luck (and need of warning labels) I was afraid I'd blind the poor boy. (He's young enough that a naked mommy glimpse can't do that kind of damage yet)

So we survived, and we are clean, but wow that was very impractical.

Any suggestions?


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