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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January Books

My goal for the year is to keep track of all the books I read. I'll have a monthly link off to the side instead of the normal few books at a time.
In no particular order:

January 1 - January 17

Seventh Son By Orson Scott Card *
Red Prophet By Orson Scott Card *
The Folk of the Fringe By Orson Scott Card *
Xenocide By Orson Scott Card *
Children of the Mind By Orson Scott Card *
Shadow Puppets By Orson Scott Card *
Shadow of the Giant By Orson Scott Card
First Meetings in the Enderverse By Orson Scott Card
The Princess Bride By William Goldman *
A Canticle for Leibowitz By Walter M. Miller Jr. *
The Nanny Diaries By Emma McLaughlin and Nicloa Kraus
Azazel By Isaac Asimov
Robots and Empire By Isaac Asimov

January 17-28
Foundation By Isaac Asimov
Foundation and Empire By Isaac Asimov
Arranged Marriage By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
River, Cross My Heart By Breena Clarke
Ordinary Wolves By Seth Kantner**
Guards, Guards By Terry Pratchett*

* Re-read
** Stopped reading due to boredom


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