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Friday, January 06, 2006


Tonight I am single. And childless. Joe's at work and Jack is at my mom's (maybe for two nights even!) and I am all alone. So what do I do on my night off? I am sitting at home watching TV and blogging. I'm such a risk taker. But I am watching The Book of Daniel which two NBC affiliates have decided not to air due to it's sacrilege. That's risky, right? BTW: if you think the media bias in this country is liberal then why did I have to go through 3 articles until I found one that didn't refer to it as "unholy" or "sacrilegious". But I wont go off on that rant. I want to be pleased tonight on my night off. Pleased and buzzed. I've got my alcohol at my side, I'm all set.

Since even though my son is not here I can't stop talking about him here is today's update. Jack got his first pair of shoes today (yes first. I'm a cheap bitch and if he didn't need them what's the point?) and they were size four. Yeah, my eight month old wears size four shoes. Now do you believe how giant he is? As a side note, the woman at the shoe store said "Oh! I think he has a tooth coming in up top!" Well, actually there are three, and do you honestly think we wouldn't have noticed them by now? I know she was being nice, but it just struck me as weird that she seemed to think she discovered it. Oh well.

My only goal for the new year was to keep track of how many books I read (and which ones) and I think I've already lost track. How sad is that? Or conversely how cool is it that I've already read enough to forget how many? (It's like three or four) Oh, and lose weight ( I like that "lose" like we can forget where we put it) but that isn't a New Years thing, more of an "I always mean to do this thing". We are down an expense now so I may be able to join a gym. We live in a small enough area that we don't have any real chains though, and I don't know if the independent ones provide child care. I really should check so I don't just keep it as an excuse, it just seems so much more useful as an excuse, you know?

The Book of Daniel is pretty boring so far. Where's the juicy sacrilege? This sucks.

P.S. Beer tip # 42: Add a small shot of vanilla to low quality beer. You'll thank me. If you get the total geek reference in this you get 100 points in the JRM account book.


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