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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ragings of Comfort and Joy

So amazingly Christmas wasn't awful! It was actually pretty good. See, I was worried, because last year was so wretched. We came down from Omaha and spent a week at Joe's parent's. It rapidly became a nightmare, what with all the yelling and the sniping and the frustration and the unplanned pregnancy. Joe's family is large and loud, and completely foreign to me, as I am sure I am to them. It's not that I don't like them, but his parents thought I'd rushed him into the relationship and "trapped" him with the baby, etc. etc. etc. Now that we are married I've noticed a marked difference in the atmosphere when I'm there. I got hugs and kisses and presents instead of cutting remarks from his mom, and hey! That's a huge improvement!

Now we're home again, with more things to unpack and put away, and as usual I am putting all that off and simply sitting on my ass. And writing you! And eating olives! What fun I am. Though since i am taking the time to write you can't snicker at me too much. After all, you are taking the time to read. (Which I appreciate so much I shall stop picking on you right now.) Feel free to laugh at me for eating olives. From the jar even. I told you I was nuts.

Jack spent his first Christmas not really aware what was going on. 8 months isn't quite an age where he can really enjoy it. He managed to tear a little bit of paper, and played a bit with his presents, but mostly he liked playing with the boxes. He did get to play with a cousin who's right at a year older than him, and I am convinced he thought she was just a really neat toy. He got the most amazing grin whenever he saw her, it was as if he were thinking "Hey! There it is again! I like that thing!". She in turn tolerated him poking her in the eye, and only stole his binky about four times. That's when she wasn't going for his bottle, but it's all good.

It was really nice to have a holiday that exceeded expectations, and to spend time with family that wasn't tense and uncomfortable. It's what Christmas is supposed to be, but so rarely is. I hope you had as nice a time, internet.


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