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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You know what would be useful?

Instead of word verification, if someone could come up with sober verification. Or a phone that breathalyzes you so that you can't drunk dial. I don't think I drunk dialed though, I just know a lot of people got off topic comments that made me look dumb. And not people I normally read or comment on, so they don't know that it's me just being drunk.

One of my SIL's called yesterday and I told Joe it was his Evil Baby Mama. After having answered the phone with a British accent and calling myself "Rachel" and Joe "Cecil". I then said I was drunk which is an okay thing to admit to the EBM but not to a SIL. When Joe referred to his sister by name I realized what I'd done and drunkenly stole the phone away to apologize. I was a HOOT, I tell you.

Bad alcohol. Bad.


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