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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Karma Blows. (Actually it coughs)

See? This is what I get. I knew when I wrote it that bragging about my never-been-sick baby was a bad idea. Did I listen? No. I told the internet how my baby had never been sick. So one morning last week he woke up with a runny nose. I'm only guessing at the sore throat and sinus pressure since those were what I woke up with along with my runny nose. Joe's actually waited until later that night -his morning- before showing up. Yep. All three of us. Got sick on the same fucking day. And still are. Dammit.

Mine has started moving into my lungs, but I received nice happy prescriptions from the doctor I saw last night. I figured I was already there for therapy I could see the regular doctor as well. So I did, and didn't have to pay any extra. How much does that rock? A lot, but not enough to make up for all my mucous issues. I'm just guessing, but everyone out there has had that night where you were coughing so much that you couldn't sleep? Sure, there's the whole being in a sitting up position, but I cannot sleep like that. I know, because I tried. So no sleep, bad head and chest cold, screaming baby with bad head cold, and cranky husband who worked twleve hours with his chest cold three days in a row so as not to call in sick. Don't you wish you were me? I wish you were me, 'cause then I could be you, and even if you've got the same cold every blogger on the internet seems to have, you don't have my screaming baby and cranky husband.*

My lungs are actually sore I've been coughing so much, and the cough drops and Vicks aren't doing much for me but I think that the carryover is helping Jack a little, so at least someone is getting something out of it. One of my happy prescriptions is for something called Tessalon Perles, which are Lidocaine gel caplets. Yes, the painkiller Lidocaine that is related to Novacaine. I'm guessing my insides are going to feel great. I'll let you know.

Completely off topic, I was linked to by a site that doesn't have me down as a mommy blogger! True, it's because I am a crazy-ass insane lady blogger, but still the diversity is nice, don't you think?

*Joe's not actually that cranky, he's just sick. So don't think he's being horrid, he's really putting up with me amazingly well.


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