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Monday, November 28, 2005

Who knew Elmo could be scary?

I know, I know. I've been remiss in posting. Not only remiss, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to say you are depressed and then disappear. So yeah, I'm okay. I've just had the hardest time getting the motivation to post, or ideas at all for that matter.

Over Thanksgiving Joe's middle sister (he has five) gave us about three trashbags full of toys a friend of hers had decided to weed out. She called me ahead of time to ask did I want them. She seemed to think I would consider myself "above" used toys. Are you fucking kidding me? The only thing I can think of that we bought Jack ourselves was the Ocean Wonders Aquarium. Every other gift has been given to us, 90% of those used. Bring on the free presents beeyotch. (Not that she's a bitch, I'm just in a really odd mood). The toys are great but there was one weird thing I noticed. Elmo. Everywhere Elmo, including the one Elmo I truly despise, that little piece of Evil that sings "ELMO" to the tune of "YMCA". Man that thing is scary. So I now share with you a picture of all the Elmos.

Who needs six Elmos?? Is there some kind of conspiracy at work here? And if these were the ones she was giving away how many more does she have?

There were also a couple Elmo books, but I only showed the one that had the Elmo puppet bursting out the cover, all the better to accost you with my dear.

The Elmos now live in a crate. I think they will be happier there.

The Baby Tad from Leap Frog, as well as this Fisher Price turtle that spins, and the light up singing ball are all wonderful toys that Jack adores. Even if he only ever makes them work by accident.

On a final note, Jack has started taking small steps along the couch or whatever object he has pulled himself standing up against. He also has one tooth through, with the one next to it (the bottom front teeth) about to come through in the next week. I also got more witnesses of him saying mama, so I have further evidence I didn't hallucinate it. Always a possibility in my world.