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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I do like stuffing though

I feel like crap.
One would think I'd be looking forward to the days off and lots of food this weekend, but no, really not so much. Thanksgiving was never bigger than seven people in my family, and that's the number of Joe and his siblings alone. Now, I've mentioned that I don't like groups of people. So there's this huge painful gathering looming on the horizon, and right now I'd rather just sit at home and eat the pie I plan on making.

Does anyone get to go anywhere or do anything that is actually fun for Thanksgiving this year? I swear one year I'm just going to kidnap my immediate family and drive the three of us down to Mexico or something. Or maybe up to Canada. They have Thanksgiving in October. I could escape it that way.

I'm going to go now. My foot itches.


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