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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And now for something completely normal

Life has continued to happen over the last few days, no matter how preoccupied I've been. Here are some stories from the daily life of Jack's Raging Mommy.

Caleb's (my step-son's) mom called to say that Caleb was having a surgery to repair his botched circumcision. Not disfiguring botched, he just still has half his foreskin and it caused a lot of problems with infections and UTIs. She wanted Joe to come up for the procedure, which of course he would. Caleb is his son, he's not going to not be there for him.

The day before the operation Caleb's mom calls to say that she is moving into a new apartment this week, and between work and the move she can't handle Caleb's recuperation and would we take him. For a week. On one day's notice. Never mind that she also has a two year old who would be underfoot, who she isn't sending off to anyone. She couldn't deal. So whatever.

After laying down all our conditions (she lives two hours away, and we always are the ones who have to make the round trip so this time she had to meet us part way. She needed to send a full weeks clothing since we cant be running to the Laundromat every two days, we needed a full week's worth of medicine with written dosage instructions and his Medicaid card, as well as a written note giving us the ability to make medical decisions should the need arise) we agreed. The one other condition, more of me laying down the law, was that from now on if we don't get a minimum of three days notice the answer is no.

Monday afternoon Caleb and Joe stopped by work to say hi when they got back into town. Caleb who had not had surgery. Caleb who'd never actually been scheduled for a surgery. I cannot begin to go into how deeply I hate this woman. She has manipulated and used everyone in her life to the point that no one is willing to help her. Their credit scores prohibit it if nothing else. (NO, we do not give this woman money, though she has the nerve to complain how her $275 a month child support isn't enough to pay her rent. You know what bitch? That's not what it's for. God I hate her.)

Evil Baby-mamas aside, the visit is going really well. Caleb and Jack get along better than I could have dreamed, and he really likes me and there's none of the "Your not my mom you can't tell me what to do" crap. In fact he tells me I can be his step-mom forever, and once left off the step part.