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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oh feet.

So, it's been eight months since I worked last, and about a year since I had a job where I had to stand. Almost a year and a half since I last had this specific job. Keeping all those numbers in mind, GOD my feet hurt.
I'm a lazy person by nature, so even though being a full time SAHM is hard work, it's not always work that requires being on one's feet for hours. Add my extra weight, and it's painfully obvious how badly out of shape I am. I've been doing a little bit of yoga just to improve my range of motion, and it's helped some. Honestly I think the weight will come off more quickly now as much work as I'm doing, so it's worth it. In the mean time though, did I mention my feet hurt?

Luckily Joe's a wonderful man and he does nice things for me so I don't have to get up, even if I am closer to the desired object. Have I mentioned today that I love him? I do. Now I'm off to tell him that too.