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Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's raining men, except it's not men, it's just rain

I don't watch the weather. This has a lot to do with the fact that I don't watch the news on TV because I find local news boring and national news pisses me off. Even if that weren't the case though I have no compulsion to watch the weather, I don't get it really. I mean, look out the window. That's the weather. There are a couple exceptions. If it has already snowed -which I hate- and may snow again, which I hate more, I might check. Especially if there is driving involved. As I don't leave the house much in general though, it's just not an issue for me.

In my family though I am pretty much alone in my beliefs. Joe will go so far as to go online to check weather instead of turning on the weather channel, which you'd think I'd be grateful for as much as I hate the weather channel, but when we were on dialup and about to walk out the door it would drive me nuts. You know how it is, you have the baby ready and strapped in his seat which is only a very short window between that and a moving car before the screaming starts, and here's someone wanting to add another 10 minutes. Seriously makes me want to scream.

My brother has a thing about storms, so he used to watch the weather channel every chance he got (read: when I wasn't around) and it even drove my parents crazy. I think my mom actually put the parental control on the weather channel so that he had to stop. Funny story, a while back my parents were on vacation so Ben went to stay with someone from their church. Apparently this guy only watched the weather channel and the Outdoor/Sportsman's channel. This is ironic on two levels, as Ben had finally outgrown his obsession with weather and it drove him crazy, and as my parents only ever watch ESPN but Ben couldn't grasp why this man never watched but the one or two channels. I just figured it was karma.

This is all to say that I noticed the clouds covering the sky last night, but still managed to be surprised when I heard the rain.
The End.


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