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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"I see angels, Mickey."

I'm not the doom-saying type, but it really does seem like the world is coming to an end lately. You have all the ultra-religious fanatics saying that it's God's judgment on our sins, but have they considered that it's God's judgment for being in an unjust war? I think not.

This earthquake has me depressed and cynical. It originally hit in Pakistan, but it's now being called Asia. I understand that Pakistan is somewhat a part of Asia, and that the damage spread, but my cynical side says that they refer to it as Asia so that Americans will feel sympathy. Pakistan is also somewhat Middle-Eastern, and that's enough for many people in this country to condemn them. I freaking hate racism and blanket judgments like that. The world doesn't hate Canada for being next to us, why do we do this to other countries? Because as a nation we are self-centered little children. People don't learn the difference between countries because no country matters but the US. (You do understand that these are NOT my views, right?)

My neighbors are Iranian. The night I met them they were adjusting their satellite signal, and I thought I recognized the language so I asked if "Salaam" was the correct greeting. I explained that I'd worked with a guy from Iran who taught me that. It was just a simple "Hi, I'm your new neighbor" chat. Well, when I mentioned to my mom that they were Iranian the first instinctive reaction was a look of horror on her face. When I pointed out that the hijackers on 9/11 were primarily Saudi Arabian she conceded the point, and admitted she was actually critical of President Bush on the fact of his friendship with the Saudis. For my mother to admit that the man has done anything wrong is huge. So yes, once she used her brain she was rational. But the news and the Republican party -and hell yeah I blame the Republican party- have brainwashed her so badly that she was immediately afraid because my neighbors were Middle Eastern, even though we aren't even at war with their country.

This was supposed to be about natural disasters. Instead it's about the disaster that our country's hate is bringing about. And now I've made myself mad.