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Friday, September 30, 2005

Sorry so selfish

Ellen DeGeneres was talking in her opening monologue about selfish conversationalists. Internet, I must confess, I am one. I felt badly even as she was talking about it, because I know I am one, and I know how annoying it is. I do try to work on it, but I've already said "I" or a derivation thereof 9 times in this post. If I've ever commented on your site I'm sure you've noticed it too. I always have to tell some anecdote that goes along with what you were talking about, however peripherally, though I do try not to imply that my story is better -or worse depending on the situation- than yours is.

I'm not completely sure where this comes from. I have a wretched self esteem, so it could be my need to feel like I fit in, or am like people in some way. It could be that I need to feel like people might find me interesting if I've had similar experiences, and it could just be the plain old fashioned need to be the center of attention. It may also being a way of reassuring myself that there are in fact other people like me in the world. I dunno.

Really I think I am over analyzing it, and I'm just selfish, so I'd like to apologize.
I probably wont be fixing it though.

And since it's all about me anyway, what are your opinions of my new design? I'm not sure what I think of it. There is another background that I like too, but it's far busier.


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