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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I occasionally watch those Lifetime Movie of the Week Moment of Truth Without My Daughter movies. I find them funny. Court TV has this really hilarious one on right now called "Death of a Cheerleader" which IMDB says is called "A friend to Die For". It has Kelly Martin and Tori Spelling and I keep watching because at some point Tori Spelling becomes a dead cheerleader.

Man the acting is bad. And Kelly Martin isn't that bad of an actress. But I'm wondering if the producers made her dumb it down a bit to fit in. God forbid one outshine Tori Spelling. I imagine Aaron put up the money somewhere. I have seen her in one movie where she wasn't wretchedly vomitous -The House of Yes- but that's just because her acting style actually worked for the character. I'm being very catty, aren't I? I don't even hate Tori Spelling the way that I do Nic Cage.

I think I'm mostly just bored.
Someone give me an interesting topic to talk about!


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