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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

National Treasure my ass

I have serious problems with Nicholas Cage. There's something about him that just ruins the movies that he is in. The Rock? Would have been wonderful if not for him. And Con Air is a damn good movie, but I HATE his character and that stupid southern accent he does. What the hell part of the south does he think he's from? Geez. I told Joe, it's as if he has signature moves and characteristics, but the problem is that he's not making a series of movies about the same person, he's different people but doesn't seem to realize it. I don't want to watch the same person in every movie, especially not the person that Nic Cage seems to be. Also? What the hell was up with Lisa Marie marrying him? He's a known Elvis collector. Didn't she figure she was just getting, you know, collected? I would have hoped she would have been smarter than that.

I have an unnatural obsession with celebrities.