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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm not copying FluidPudding, I swear

I love bacon. My parents have teased me for years with the Beggin' Strips commercial. You know, "I smell BACON! Bacon, Bacon, BACON!" It's the one thing that would keep me -has kept me- from being a vegetarian. It's also the one food that most people I know say prevent them from being vegetarian. There's something crack-like about it, you know? Joe's quite fond of Bacon too, so we started a tradition that once a week we have bacon and eggs and maybe muffins and toast. An actual breakfast that is cooked and eaten together. It used to be Sundays, but now that Joe's on a four days on, four days off schedule it just rotates to whatever day we feel like it when he's off. I say all this because I just ate a half pound of bacon and I'm in heaven.

I didn't tell you, because I was embarrassed, especially with how much I railed against it, but I weighed myself a couple weeks ago. It was less than I thought, so that was good and it didn't trigger my eating disorder so that was better. I have to admit this to you, unfortunately not in a sense of truthfulness, but because I have to brag. I've lost 15 pounds! I've been being responsible, and eating and all that stupid boring slow crap, and I've lost 15 pounds. Woo-Fucking-Hoo! I'm doing a mini happy dance. Though if I keep eating a half pound of bacon at a time that wont last, but dammit, I deserve my party for the moment.

Today is Joe's birthday and we are going out to eat later with his parents. That will be fun.