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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tickle me Jackson

So tell me, is there honestly anything better than baby laughter? Jack's been able to full out laugh for a couple of weeks now and I am in heaven. Here's this tiny little person (not so tiny. He's in 6-9 month clothes, but you know what I mean) and he guffaws. I find myself repeating actions that make him laugh over and over again to keep it going. The other day I say "squishy!" in this really odd guttural voice for about an hour because he thought it was the greatest thing since boob juice.
The same thing doesn't work from day to day though. Today "Squishy!" isn't funny, but playing peek-a-boo using his feet to cover my face is hi-larious. He's also doing spastic robot dance moves on the floor, it's a happy thing that he does. My brother says he's like an overexcited puppy who doesn't have proper control of all his limbs, and that really is the best description.

Other things that re great fun include dancing to Ray Charles, playing with the remote (he now has his own remote, the old VCR one, after learning how to actually push the buttons on the real one) and hitting mommy's hands while she's typing. That's almost like a cat that has to bat at any moving object, and equally hilarious. I need to get a laser pointer and see if I can make him chase it.

There is one thing right up there with baby laughter though, and that's when he goes to sleep for the night.