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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Home is where the check goes.

Joe locked his keys in the car yesterday, so I had to go in to unlock it. Since I was in Rolla I decided we should go look at houses and apartments. We saw a couple through a local rental agency, but I really don't like them. They are the big guns in town, and as such are full of bullshit and bureaucracy and god forbid you ever need maintenance done.

When I got home I decided to check the online classifieds and after about 20 calls using a calling card, which is a huge annoyance, I found one with very good possibilities. I made arrangements to go see it, and I decided that I want it.

It's nothing overly special, it's your basic two bedroom four-plex, but it felt right. There was someone else looking too, which is okay because there are two units, but here's the thing. One is downstairs and one is upstairs. Sure, it's only one floor, and it's better than the three we had to do in Omaha, but GOD I want the ground floor one. She got there first, and I just know she's going to get it. I'm going to end up being a bad neighbor because I resent her for it.

I am turning in the application today, and I am going to offer them a check for the deposit then in hopes of getting it secured for us. Cross your fingers for me internet. At any rate, we should be in our own home in the next two weeks. So yippee! That's something at least. Then I'll have wireless high speed internet again, and I can put my alcohol in the fridge so as not to hide it from my teetotaling parents. I can watch TV that isn't ESPN or baseball or football (The Chiefs got mauled last night, btw). I can have a couch! My parents have four recliners, which is nice, but I can't sleep in them and when Jack is contentedly playing in his activity seat or play pen I'd like to be able to lay down for a few minutes from time to time. Anyway, yeah, I'm happy.


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