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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"It's a federal offense" I almost shouted

Internet, have I mentioned I am just a smidge crazy?

So I was looking out the front door earlier and this white SUV pulled up to our mailbox. That's odd, I thought, as our mail-person drives a little silver car. So being the paranoid freak* that I am I decided to watch and see what was going on. Well, then the driver pulled forward and drove into the driveway of the weird neighbors across the street. As they are weird, and often have weird visitors I thought that could make sense. But then the SUV backed up and pulled in front of our driveway, blocking it. So now I'm starting to get all anxious and crazy, when the driver pulled so that she was no longer blocking our driveway. To me this is still aberrant behavior, so I keep watching.

Well, she got out of her car and walked over to our mailbox. I'd already decided if she went over there I was going to say something, and I was toying with wording that involved mentioning the Feds, cause I'm kooky like that. As it was when she stopped in front of it I stepped through the door and shouted "Hey! Get away from our mailbox!" in a voice that was tinged with what I believe was technically hysteria. Adrenaline is a funny thing like that. I stepped back in and went and got Joe, babbling some explanation about mail tampering.

When we got back to the front door she'd moved away from the mailbox, but was taking pictures of the house across the street. Hey! That's creepy behavior! I was justified after all, right? RIGHT?
Yeah, I am a little nuts.

*I had a box of checks stolen from our mailbox in Omaha, so there is sort of a reason for my paranoia on this one.


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