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Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm Back!

And in celebration I leave you with a rant I wrote in my hiatus. Enjoy!

Don't get me wrong. Julia Roberts is pretty. She's the "Pretty Woman" after all, and I won't deny in any way that she was pretty in that movie. I've never understood why they felt the need of a body double on the movie poster. How bad of a body image do they want to give us, anyway? I digress. Sure, she's pretty, but lately, she looks haggard. I don't just mean after she had the twins. She looks amazing for having had twins. The thing is, for about the last ten years she's fallen into the Hollywood "weigh as little as is humanly possible" game. It's not her fault. She's in her forties, and is still one of the highest paid actresses. As an Oscar winner she has to maintain cast-ability. So she works out and doesn't quite eat. With her mouth shape though, and facial structure she looks icky and skeletal instead of pretty and voluptuous. Think about it, she won her Oscar playing a chubby woman with cleavage. She couldn't quite achieve chubby, but with makeup and a push-up bra she got the cleavage bit. So why can't she just go with the flow of life and see that being a real woman makes her more believable as an actress? Because Hollywood says so.

Look at the past few years of awards. Charlize Theron won for "Monster" after gaining thirty pounds for the part. Nicole Kidman gained weight and a nose for her nod. Minnie Driver gained eighty pounds for her role in "Circle of Friends" and it made her a star. Then again, no matter how skinny she is nowadays she's considered a heavy woman. Angleina Jolie has always been voluptuous, even when playing the heroin addicted and naked Gia. (My God she was hot in that movie, no?)

What is wrong with our society? We tell our actresses to be skeletal, but then reward them when they gain weight and get ugly. It makes them realistic, and "serious" somehow.

I'm a little annoyed with the TV tonight. However, I went for a walk today, and am watching what I eat.
Not eating and taking laxatives would be so much easier.


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