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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hi, My name is Jack's Raging Mommy. Will you be my friend?

I need parents friends. Don't get me wrong, I love you all dearly, but I have no one in my real life who has kids. Or really anyone married that is local. So all my friends I could hang out with don't want to hear about children, or how cute Jack was when he had cereal for the first time, or that he can sit up on his own already and at 5 months is wearing 9 and 12 month clothing. (Did I mention those things? Cause they're true, and I'm so proud, and frightened.)

I have one friend my age who has kids, but I was always friends with him and not his wife, and I just think if we were going to hang out the right thing to do would be to hang out with her. Plus, I have always wondered if she thought he and I had an affair. We didn't, but there was this whole chemistry thing and I've never been terribly comfortable around her. But now we have babies and could be mom friends together. How do you approach someone though? "Hi, we should hang out because we both have kids and I need friends?" She knows I am pretty crazy, but still.

I thought about commenting on the Craig's List St. Louis section, but oddly enough people on the internet terrify me. It's not really different from this, and how I've gotten to know some of you, but I am convinced anyone I met through there would be the bad kind of insane. Plus the fact that I am two hours from St. Louis essentially, and hanging out with anyone would be a rare occurrence. Then there's the fact that the reason I haven't broached the subject of getting together with a couple of bloggers I know in St. Louis is the whole insecurity thing. I just know they'd meet me in real life and see what an awkward, obnoxious loser I am and then they wouldn't ever talk to me, and they'd tell all the other popular girls on the internet not to talk to me anymore. I actually had something like that happen once in the sixth grade and I am still pretty scarred by it. I also never forgave the girls involved, cause I am petty like that. Is it really any wonder I need friends so badly?

I don't go to church, I don't want to hang out in parks like the creepy man in the trenchcoat looking to meet people, and there aren't a lot of cultural things such as museums to do in these here parts. I honestly have no clue how to meet people and make friends. All my old methods don't work for the couples/ children scenario. Any good advice out there in interweb land? It's safe to tell me, I'll still come back to you.


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