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Monday, October 03, 2005

Random notes from rage world

Jack's Raging Mommy is full of rage. In celebration, I am posting random things.

* I can't get my "mailto" link to work on my email image over there -->. Help me interweb. EDIT: Thank you Paige. It's always one tiny part of the code.

* We will take possession of the key to our new (upstairs) apartment either tomorrow or Thursday. This may result in rage blackouts at this location. As I do not have therapy until tomorrow this could be a good thing.

* Therapy tomorrow= drugs

* Therapy tomorrow= terrible mood

* Irony is reading the memoir of an alcoholic while drinking.

* I still feel like a fat-ass pig. But I got a new shirt that I like, so that is something, right?

* Jack's been asleep for almost two hours. This is longer than his normal nap and will most likely throw off the rest of his day, but I can't bring myself to get him up because I am evil, and a bad mother.

* Should I show my boobs for Boobiethon? The pics are a couple years old, so I am not as fat in them as I am now, but I would still feel weird for people to see my face and boobs and know that they belong to this site. Especially as I say where I live. I guess I should read the guidelines for submission to see what is revealed- so to speak. EDIT: I am so doing this. They don't show your face or name (unless you want your name on a random contributors list). Who else is in?

* Even if we get our key tomorrow Joe and I have agreed we should stay here Wednesday night so that we can see Lost. Also? I am going to get TiVo. Because I need it.

* Reading the alcoholic's memoir is making me think I might have a problem. Is my inability to say that I do part of that whole denial thing? Or is it just that I don't actually?

* Ok, so I hate the word verification thing for comments, and I have people that don't link to a site, which you must do if word verification is on. I think putting email in for a website works, but I still have the problem of the really obnoxious verification process. Dammit.

I know there was other stuff, but I can't think right now. Rage makes my brain numb.


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