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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another post from the void

This post goes along with the pictures, but chronologically it's before them. I'm confusing.

I currently posses:
One (1) sleeping baby
One (1) sleeping husband.

This is a wonderful state of being. Sure, I love them, but it's awfully nice to just have a little bit of time that is all mine. And it is all mine as we are in our -TA DAH!- new apartment. According to my laptop I am online with a very weak wireless signal, but as nothing can actually load I do not buy it. The cable person is coming Monday to bring us our cable modem box, and cable box/ -TA DAH!- DVR. Oh, and turn on the phone. I suppose that is kind of important as well. Though our basic cable is already on and both that and the phone can be done from their location without having to come here I have no idea why they'd turn on one and not the other. But whatever, I have TV.

Hey, I can take some pictures and post them with this. This is a very free-form kind of post at the moment, can you tell? I have the bathroom done, complete with new frog shower curtain and curtain rings. Relax, they aren't made of frog, they just have images of frogs. Luckily I am not that kind of crazy.

My parents gave us a couch and loveseat that they weren't using in the living room (which means my brother now no longer has his own couch and loveseat in his basement apartment. He's not so happy) since all we had was a futon couch and overstuffed chair that is ten years old. (But comfy as hell) So anyway, they are red plaid, and have the foot rests that come up, but there's one small problem.

My parents had dogs.

I'm allergic to dogs. I vaccumed them off before we brought them in, but if you've ever been around one you know how insidious dog hair can be. Furthermore, when the dogs (Sam -for Uncle Sam, and Bell- for Liberty Bell) were puppies they kind of used said couch and loveseat as chewtoys. The seat fabric is torn a lot, but they are still really comfortable so I am just going to cover them with a matching fabric and be done with it. I am cheap like that.

Anyway, I am still unpacking and organizing cabinets and whatnot, so I'll show you some pictures of the clutter too. I'm a giver.


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