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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


God I hate my job. I'd describe it, but you'd know right away where I work, and it's simplest not to, if for no other reason than that freaks could find me in the real world. Anyway.

The job itself isn't hard, and the people aren't bad, there's just this one person. This one person had a lot to do with the circumstances that led up to how I quit. I'd put in my notice, so she had my hours cut so severely I literally couldn't afford to stay in town, and had to leave for Omaha two weeks early. (This one person happened to be our newly appointed General Manager who felt the need to "shake things up" and make her presence known.) Meaning I left before my notice was up, after telling them repeatedly I needed more hours and why. Then they had the gall to seem surprised that I was leaving early. Okay, now I am getting pissed off again, not good. Anyway.

So I am back at work, and witch woman is still there, but had a hand in the begging of me to come back. Today in fact while discussing the new store opening in town, she was feeling around about promoting me. God how I hate you witch woman. I don't work with her often (I hope) and there is something nice about being asked back somewhere that you didn't exactly leave on the best terms. And in answer to your feelers? No I don't want a promotion. No I don't want to go back to being a closer. No I don't want to work seven hour shifts, and I really don't want more than 20 hours a week. When I don't want hours I get them in abundance. When I need them to survive they give me less than ten a week. Christ-a-mighty. But anyway.

So I'm working, and the job isn't bad, but no matter how much you suck up I still hate you witch woman. I hold grudges like a mo-fo.

(EDIT: Everyone please put their thoughts and prayers with Miss Domestic (Paige) right now as she is going through a difficult time. Jen and her aunt can also use your love right now as well.)


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