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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Shuffle up and deal

You know how you can tell when a baby is very tired? When you lay him down in his crib and there is absolutely zero protest. None whatsoever. Ahhh, sweet baby silence.

Now on with the post.

I am rapidly becoming addicted to online poker. Play money, I'm not really betting, relax.
I play at Poker Stars, usually 10/20 fixed limit Texas Hold'em. The thing is, I am very specific about how I play, and how I like others to play, and there are a lot of dumbasses on the internet.
For instance? Don't raise before the flop. Not on a fixed limit play money table, and especially not when you don't even have suited cards, let alone a pair. Jeez.

Also? Don't raise the max every time it's your turn. If you have something, fine, but I promise you if I call and you have nothing, I am cursing you out on this end. A lot. Voraciously. And if you win, show your cards. Prove you had it, and don't be a rude bastard. There is so much sloppy play out there.

This causes me to table hop a lot, and start my own tables a lot. There's another annoyance, when I start my own table and some jerkwad ruins it for me. This one player and I started at least five tables last night trying to have a decent table. There is no way to set rules for a table, limits and such are pre-set. So some ass ruins it, off I go to another. I am sure there are folks who think I am following them. I'm not, really.

All in all though it's a really good time. A really good waste of time, that is. Fun at any rate. I want a poker night now though, and I only know one person who plays and I wouldn't be welcome at his testosterone driven "guys night". Sigh.