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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cryptic much?

I cannot go into too many details, because I have started the process of pursuing legal options with the wonderful people at Lambda Legal.

An applicant where I work was denied employment because she was gay. Not only that, but a somewhat derogatory note was written on her application by someone at my work, and taped to the wall of the office for all to see and mock, which is how it was brought to my attention.

I do not know or have proof (yet) as to who wrote the note, though my gut gives me a good idea. I have photographed both the note and application in case they are needed.

Now here's the thing, I love the people I work with. Well, there's evil witch woman but her handwriting is very distinctive and she was not the author. These are genuinely nice people who I've always liked and I find out that they are bigots. What is worse is that I now realize they don't know my status as a bisexual, which I truly thought they did, and I'm afraid that if it comes out I could be fired. (I live in Missouri, both the refusal to hire and a firing for sexual orientation are legal)

I still have hope that the note was written by a fellow employee and not a manager, but even if it were, the managers should have taken the note down and spoken to the responsible party long before now.

There's a lot more I've been hashing over, but I wanted to give you all a bit more of an idea what I've been being so cryptic about.
I also welcome links to this post from your sites, or blogging about the situation by my readers so that I can receive more feedback.


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