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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Because I like Vodka.

I'm watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and while it's certainly not the original, it isn't that bad. I am not, however, digging on the R&B in the soundtrack. Seriously, it's 1950's Cuba. Modern R&B? Gag. And Diego Luna is kind of cute- but don't judge by his IMDB pic.

I like vodka.

Jack's second tooth came through. If we keep up at the rate of one per week he'll be done in... not very long.

Did you know Patrick Swayze was in Havana Nights? Playing the same character? Set chronologically before the original? It's kind of sad. Oh shit. Now Maya is singing. Honestly. Get rid of the damn R&B.

More on the work controversy, but it all deserves it's own post. Coming Soon!

I really like vodka.

Have I shown you my living room lately? Well, I am not going to. Wow it looks so, so bad. There's this whole explanation for why it looks as bad as it does, but it boils down to Joe and I being lazy/too tired when we aren't working.

Nor will I show you myself. My ass is very big. (To be honest, I may have lost a little bit of weight, my pants are much looser on me. I haven't weighed myself since that time a few months ago so I don't really know for sure. But I still have a fat ass)

mmmmm. vodka.


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