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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Enough already

The "War on Christmas" is bullshit.
Good start?

Holiday=Holy Day. Easy enough, right?
So why are all these people claiming that saying "Happy Holidays" is a liberal attempt to erase the religious meaning of Christmas. Are you on crack?
I have no problem with saying Happy Holidays. Saying Happy Holidays isn't an attempt to "erase" Christ from the holidays people. I have enough sense to recognize that as much as these stupid fundamentalists would like to ignore it, there are other holidays occurring. Choosing a greeting that doesn't exclude other religions isn't a bad thing. In fact, choosing a greeting that does excludes people isn't very Christian, when you think about it.

I'm so sick of certain types of right wing fundamentalist Christians forgetting that not only does the earth not revolve around them, neither does our country. Here we have a country founded on freedom, but they seem to think that freedom only applies to white Christians, and that if you point that out you must be a liberal Satanist. Get over yourselves already. So some people are trying to be nice and recognize other religions and Holidays other than Christianity and Christmas. There's nothing wrong with that. And as far as it being Christmas first? Not quite. It was Hanukkah first so if you want to use that argument, then Happy fucking Hanukkah.

Ok. I think I got enough of that out of my system.

Happy Holidays Internet!


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