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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Don't Squeeze the Charmin

This post is going to be disjointed, so bear with me.

My ass is now known as Charmin, since on a whim I told Joe "Don't squeeze the Charmin" while he was grabbing my ass. He thought it was a bit too funny and now I'm stuck.

We now have Jack encased in a play pen. (Play yard is a euphemism. It's a pen!) So far he's not angry about it. I don't think the reality that this is his new range of play has sunk in yet. Once he could move our blockades and escape to the very unsafe kitchen and dining room we didn't have an option really. And I have to admit that it's nice to have my living room back without having everything blocked with milk crates to keep him from getting to the bookshelves, etc. Once it's all put away I'll take more pictures for you, so you can ooh and ahh at my very average standard of living.

Joe's dad is the one who brought us the play-pen. He gets bored periodically and likes to get out of the house, so he comes up with a small excuse (the initial one here was bringing us a lightbulb for our fiber-optic mini Christmas tree) and then drives two hours and takes us out to lunch. He's a silly man at times, but he feeds us so it's all good to me. He also brought us an infant sled that has me looking forward to the next snow. ME looking forward to SNOW. It's all my love for that kid. It makes me insane(er).

My cold is fading, as is everyone else's but it's now spread fully to my lungs and ain't nothin' sexier that coughing up sputum. MMM. Sputum. Lung crap tastes awful by the way. And it's all chunky and yellow. (Are you gagging yet? Cause I am totally trying to make you gag)

So that's the news that's worth mentioning. Oh, and I got laid. So there you go internet, have a good evening :)


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