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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


This one thing that we quest for. Male and female alike, this one small thing. We blush and sigh, we hide and we peek. I like you.... I'd like to sleep with you. I want to be with you.... I want to share with you. Ever thinking, never saying. It becomes the grail. So important for such a small word. Such a small word for so big a thing. I sleep with you, I'm connected to you. It's been years, how are you? Blushing in my head, re-playing events. Remember the scratches on your back? We dance around it, we flirt with it. We talk about it ad-nauseum because we are impotent to action. Years and years we dream of it. When we achieve it we can feel let down. When it is held from us we want it all the more. We dream and fantasize.....scenarios and positions. I see you across a room.. I feel a hot flush. Do you want me too? We make it mean so much, at times we try to convince each other it means far less. It can be so easy to achieve and the most difficult obstacle of all. It's better than cold pizza.... sometimes worse. It's harder when we love. It's worse when a face swims in front of your own all the time. Why is it so much? How can it be so little to some people. I want you again.... I feel you still in my arms. Dancing, looking, twirling, spinning, reaching, wanting, hoping, needing, feeling, crying, laughing, hurting, healing. Will you sleep with me?

(This was written a while ago when I was both single and childless. For some reason it came to mind and I thought I'd share)


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