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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


(Forward: I found this sitting as a draft on my computer. I don't know what brought it on, I believe it was an offhand comment someone made that seemed racist to me. At any rate I'm pretty sure I was drunk when I wrote this, and hence the not remembering writing it at all. It starts mid thought, and since I can't remember the thought I'll just let it go from there. Enjoy)

There are the Irish, who are hard to track due to the poor record keeping during the famine. There's the German, who married one of the Irish, whose marriage certs. and ships manifests I have copied of. The Mexicans don't have the same documentation, not out of illegality, but further poor record keeping at the time. Then there are family histories. Imagine my surprise at learning that my five (or so) great grandfather was none other than Geronimo. Apache "royalty" who I could use to claim grants and scholarships. There are the DAR records that make me a legitimate member, and the questions about the combining of the German and Irish lines.

If we all look back far enough we can find these links. I love the melting pot we belong to. No matter my political affiliations I am drawn irrevocably to the role my ancestors played in this country. But those who know I am Mexican call me names. Those who call me liberal call me names, without knowing that various branches of our family helped to form this country. But here I am a bi-sexual female, not welcome on that status alone. What did your people do but put up signs outlawing Blacks, Irish, "Reds" and dogs. It's no wonder I have a low self esteem.

The whole process makes me angry. The double standards, the willingness to sacrifice my people to save yours, these things cannot fail to anger. Then people wonder where the bitterness comes from.

I'm a wetback. I beaner, a mick, a kraut, pick your poison. If you want to write off a group, you are writing me off. If you are okay with that, may I make a polite suggestion that you get the hell off my site and do not return.

(Afterward: Further research leads me to beleive it was something on the TV that pissed me off, and not a comment since the comment in question was far too long ago to have inspired this rant. It's also terribly written and incoherent. How drunk was I?)


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