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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random list time!

I haven't done this in a while.
  1. My bullets aren't working so you get numbers.
  2. For three days in a row I have taken my meds. Yay me!
  3. The living room has a pseudo office. There are three walls of bookshelves. And they aren't all put away.
  4. I have matching bruises on the outer thigh of each leg. Nothing in my house is that height. This confuses me.
  5. I am over 100 books read for the year. How much do I rock?
  6. Still no soda.
  7. I want my soda.
  8. I drink a lot of milk.
  9. I've discovered I do not like Crystal Light or flavored water.
  10. I drink a lot of Red Grapefruit juice.
  11. I need new beverage ideas.
  12. I hate anything with fake sugar (Aspartame, Splenda, all of them)
  13. I was totally rocking at the No Limit Hold 'Em, then I lost 6000. This is why I don't play with real money. (Edited to add: I am now back up over 6000)
  14. Through a strange twist of fate and generosity I have 4 Palm Pilot phones.
  15. Caleb's mom is an irresponsible bitch.
  16. He's supposed to be coming this weekend, but she wont even answer her phone.
  17. We decided to have another baby.
  18. When Jack is three.
  19. I think the Strattera is working.
  20. It still makes me feel like I'm on Effedrine though.
  21. I'm going to go clean something now.
The End


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