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Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a day

Suzan is one of my favorite people. She lets me babble at her when I'm drunk, and we are going to play poker, and we totally would have gone to see Clerks II together if it weren't for the pesky 12 hour drive between us.

So she hooked me up with the template code for my archives and recent posts that I was missing. The code was fine, it worked, my preview looked perfect. So somewhere between successfully previewing the page and the save change step, I deleted almost all of my template. To the point where all you could see was raw code.

First I tried using a cached page from Google, but it didn't show any new posts and every time you saw Jack's Raging Mommy on the page it was highlighted from the Blogger search. So I copied that code to save my personalizations, and assigned a new Blogger template entirely.

I spent the next few hours reapplying my HaloScan comments, link lists, Blogroll, etc.

Which is why I currently have boring basic Blogger template, because I am a little too terrified to adjust the background settings right now.
It also has kept me from starting my Sunday confessional series, which I think you'll like, but I'm too sick of blogging right now to start.

The End.


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