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Thursday, May 05, 2005

If he's yellow and they make him blue won't he be green?

Jack has jaundice. The prevailing thought is that it is due to the bruising he received in the delivery process. He decended so quickly that he ended up a bit bruised. He was purple. (If you haven't gotten a pic yet let me know and I will email you one. I swear I'll get off my ass and pick a hosting service so we can get them online)
Anyway, the bruising can cause jaundice. His bilirubin levels are fairly high, but not dangerously so, so we got a wallaby.
A wallaby is a fiberoptic light belt that wraps around him shooting in UV light to break up the toxins to speed up their demise. He glows blue at night like a nightlight. Picture ET's heart but blue. It's kind of funny actually. When you get over the fact that he's hooked up to a machine that has a huge tube running from it to the belt wrapped around his body.

He's dealing with this far better than I would be if it were I. Actually, he's dealing with this better than I am. I had a breakdown crying fit this morning, partially due to frustration, partially due to exhaistion, and partially due to worry. It wasn't pretty. And boy howdy is Joe a patient saint of a man. Seriously, if you know me you know how bad I can be. Imagine me post-partum and hormonal. I'm a bit of a bitch.

Also, if I sound disjointed and stilted in my writing it's the exhaustion. Well, and the fact that I am not always a good writer, but right now I seem to be thinking in these short declarative sentances. And my boobs sting.