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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Boring little update

We have Caleb for the holiday weekend, and luckily everything is going well. Planning things out with his mom and talking to her even went well, so all and all it's been a really great weekend. I'm a bit tired, but one advantage is that he's only four and still takes naps, so we get to take them too. It's nice :)

Jack got over his tummy virus or whatever it was making him puke every ten minutes, so that is good. He never had a fever, I was just more worried about him becoming dehydrated if he couldn't keep anything down. Everything is all better now at least.

Gas here is $3.09, we usually have some of the lowest in the country, so I feel terrible for everyone. Joe works half an hour from here, so that's going to hurt, and the two three-hour round trips to get and return Caleb are going to be even more painful. Bend over and spread 'em, we are all going to be squealing like pigs. I just have to keep reminding myself that we have water, and food, and a roof. We don't have A/C. $200 electric bills will teach you to put up with heat fast.

So anyway, that's my boring little update. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.