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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Because I know you want to know

Odd bodily problems I have right now:
  • Swollen lip where I bit the crap out of it. Then, you worry it with your tongue and it never heals. Don't you hate that?
  • Pain in my left boob. I should perhaps worry about this one.
  • My left eye has been twitching all day. I wonder if it's connected to the boob thing.
  • Giant red zit on my nose. GIANT. I should get Joe to take a picture of it. (Edited to add: Attempts to take a photo of the zit ended in my rolling on the kitchen floor in hysterical laughter. )
  • Scabs from blisters on my feet from the heels at the wedding. I'd take pictures of them, but that's just going too far.
  • Several torn up cuticles. I bite my nails when drunk.
  • Strange zit like bump-thing on the back of my back neck that never actually changes. I should have that looked at.


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