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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's times like these

Laughter is a wonderful thing.
There are times that you are in tears from exhaustion, pleading with God and the baby to fix whatever is wrong.
Then there is the "shit volcano" (Joe named it) that we got last night. And oh how we laughed.

Jack was fussy last night, for a very long time. We could not figure out what was wrong, so when we started hearing tell-tale poop noises we were a little relieved. We started to change him but there was nothing in his diaper. "Oh," I said, "It must have been gas". At that time the noise started again and I said "like that" only to have it followed by an outpouring of poop. Mind you, he has no diaper on.

Joe and I looked at eachother and just started laughing, trying not to think of the mess we now get to clean up. Well, the laughter must have startled Jack because he started again. There is still no diaper anywhere near his butt. At this point I am doubled over in laughter Perhaps it is my vantage point, or I just got lucky, but I happened to look up right as Jack started peeing. Straight up and at Joe.

I backed aroung the corner and maybe I should have said something in warning, because I don't think Joe realized what was going on until the pee hit his shirt. It's on the floor, on Joe, on the changing table and on Jack's face. Whatever composure we had is long gone. I wonder what the neighbors thought of us when there is a crying baby and we are laughing our heads off like a couple of loons at 2 AM.

A bath and three hours later and Jack was sleeping quietly in his crib.
He's a wonderful baby.

(Here's some irony for you, Jack just started pooping. I think I will wait until he's done to change him)


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