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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What is it good for?

I was watching the footage of the Marines evacuating US citizens right now, and they were saying the White House wants to send troops in.
What troops? We barely have what they want for Iraq! Are they going to move the troops over? That isn't what they signed on to fight. People have already been told that their terms are indefinite and now they is an entirely different war they are supposed to fight?
If they don't do that are they just going to start drafting people? I personally will start a convoy to Canada if it comes to that.

What people often don't realize (The following is an opinion/theory of mine. You may disagree or be pissed off. Sorry about that) is that we "won" WWI and WWII because we went in after they'd already been going for a while and we had fresh supplies and troops. We are already stretched thin on those things due to Iraq. We'd be highly ineffectual and run a huge risk of making things worse for our own country. We can't even provide armor for the troops already in action. What are we supposed to use for any troops we might send to Lebanon?

Then there's the question of why are people like Newt Gingrich so fucking eager for this to turn into WWIII? I feel like he's a Japanese Schoolgirl at an N*Sync concert he seems so gleeful about all this. He wants President Bush to officially declare it. Perhaps Newt will change his stance on female combatants. There aren't any jungle swamps for the women to be in for over thirty days so the hygiene problems shouldn't arise. God I despise that man. I have ever since I lived in Georgia, long before he became speaker of the house under Clinton.

The whole thing is making me sick. I've honestly been terrified for Jack for the last few days. What kind of world did I bring him into? He's only a baby! I have no idea what kind of future he'll have and that scares me. I've been seriously contemplating Canada for while now. If they do chose to reinstate the draft I may just do it. Hey Jen? Do you know the rules for becoming a citizen?

I know that I am likely overreacting, on 9/11 one of my first reactions was "Oh my God! We just saw WWIII start".
I desperately want to be wrong.


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