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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cradle of Love

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When I was 9 there was a doll called a "Real Baby". Perhaps other girls my age would remember it, but it was never huge like the Cabbage Patch.
It was the size and approximate wieght of an actual baby, with arms and legs of plastic but a body of soft heavy material.
I wanted one more than anything.
The doll had a distinctive box, the front was slanted at about a 45 degree angle, meaning that when the box was wrapped it was still easy to identify.
My folks were never the type to buy us whatever we got it in our heads to want, but that Christmas I did receive the "Real Baby" doll.
Now, there are some things from childhood I still have, like the original Care Bear (the brown one, Hugs A Lot?) and my Bully bear. I don't have the "Real Baby" doll anymore, nor do I even remember if I named her.
What I do still have is the cradle.

For years my grandfatehr had a workshop where he made handcrafted furniture for a business he ran called Laurel Specialties. For Christmas that year, at what must have been the behest of my parents, he made me a cradle.

When I was pregnant with Justin I thought of using the cradle, but since the opportunity never arose, it was always in the back of my head. When I found out that I was pregnant with Jack I knew it would come to good use.

We use the cradle all the time now, but most importantly, my Paw Paw has pictures letting him know that I was using it, and how much it means to me. He's proud, and proud doesn't begin to explain how I feel that I can use it, and pass it on to further generations.

People nowadays don't have heirlooms like this to pass on as often as used to occur. Rarely will someone be able to say "My Grandmother knitted this blanket for the baby" or "My Grandfather built this cradle". Unfortunately these are arts being lost in modern times.
All of which makes me all the more proud to show this picture.