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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Do You Ever...

Comment on someone else's blog and then realize "This person does not know me. They don't know that me calling them a lucky bastard is meant to be funny. Furthermore, I do not know this person despite reading their blog, and I don't know that me calling them a lucky bastard won't be taken as being offensive."

Yes, I called someone a lucky bastard in a comment, and even though it was my comment there is no way for me to go back and delete it, and if I comment again to apologize I just look like an insane person. Yes, I worry about looking like an insane person despite obviously being an insane person.

This is all my way of saying if you came here through the comment section of another blogger and want to yell at me for being rude, or see what kind of horrid rude bitch would say that, well here I am. I apologize. Please don't flame me. If you do feel the need to flame me, please keep in mind that I am the type of person who calls a stranger a bastard to be funny.