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Friday, June 24, 2005

I should Explain

I do plan on marrying Joe, and somewhat soon. However, Joe is the first time I have not felt the need to rush and make things official. I know Joe loves me, I know he's not leaving. So instead of rushing to the JoP I am waiting until I can buy a dress, we can pay for a reception, and I can pretend for once in my life that I am a girl.
I want a dress that should be better defined as a gown.
It should have a bell skirt, and make me look thin and tall.
I want to have bubbles instead of bird seed, since I loved bubbles long before I heard bird seed was bad.
If glitter can be incorporated in my makeup or on my skin, then let's go for it.

In other words, I want my princess day too.
Everyone deserves a princess day.


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