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Friday, June 17, 2005


Joe had a job interview in KC, which is three hours away, at 7AM this morning. Since he did work last night, that meant he went to bed at 1Am and got up at 3. Then he had to sit for hours to be tested and interviewed at the hotel Marriott. Once he got home we waited for the call to tell him he'd received the job, but unfortunately it didn't come. We've decided that this is a good thing, since we've already been talking ourselves into the whole moving back to Missouri near the families idea.

Since we'd been living on next to nothing for the last week, we had to go to the store after Joe had a chance to nap. And by next to nothing, let me just say that our staples consisted of some ramen, a couple of cans of soup, some eggs, some cheese, and a frozen pot roast. We also haven't eaten out since the night before Jack was born, so off to Mongolian buffet we went. I am pleased to announce that my appetite and liking of Chinese food has returned.

Then there was Wal-Mart. Did I mention I am agorophobic and not on most of my meds due to first pregnancy and then breast feeding? I don't like Wal-Mart. We spent two hours there, and our continuing quest to purchase another First Years binky keeps on going, as for the third trip in a row they were sold out. Also, Wal-Mart is supposed to have everything. I mean, that is the whole point, and the appeal of the single trip is the only reason I'll get my ass there in the first place. So why, oh why, don't they carry any kind of infant exema or acne cream? These things exist. They carry other products by brands who make such products, but not the products themselves. Meanwhile my poor son is broken out like a pre-pubescent computer nerd.

We finally got home, and managed to feed our overstimulated son and get him to finally fall asleep after what must surely be signs of the end of his constipation.
One of the advantages to supplementing the breast milk with formula is that I can have my vodka at the end of today and Jack won't have to get drunk too.