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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Keep feeling irritation

Joe's sister called today while we were cooking our Sunday breakfast. (I should note here that Sunday breakfast occurred at Noon, and is usually the only meal of the week we completely cook and eat together, so don't go thinking I am becoming all Norman Rockwell on you)
She wanted to know if he would come over and mow her yard for her. She was going to a baby shower, but I guarantee that the real reason is the 95 degree heat. That's cool though, whenever Joe does yard work or babysits she usually pays him decently and he doesn't mind. I generally don't either.


Joe went on over at 3, and at four called here. Silly me, I was thinking he was going to tell me he'd be on his way home, but no. He's calling to tell me that Suzie decided to have him babysit as well as the yard work, something she neglected to mention when she first called.
He told me he'd be home by 8, which I thought was reasonable since she was supposedly going to a baby shower and left sometime around 3 or 4.

It's now a quarter to ten and Joe is still not home. Not only is he not home, but he never bothered to call and tell me he would be late. When I called over to Suzie's house an hour ago Joe's niece informed me that he was still there but was outside. She rudely (for a ten year old) told me she'd have him call when he came in. Sure, it's summer and it's been staying bright longer, but it's dark out now, and 7 hours after he left I doubt he's still working on the grass.

So I am pissed. I am the kind of pissed that makes you jump down a person's throat the minute they walk through the door, which is not good. I am writing this with the hopes it will help me vent and I won't blow up at Joe when he does finally get his dumb ass home.

Oh, and for some reason my stupid wireless connection keeps going down. The whole world is out to get us Silent Bob, I swear to God.


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