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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

All Hail the Miracle

A very rare event is occurring as we speak. Jack is sitting on the floor in his carseat (for some reason he's happy there) and I am rocking it with my foot. Not only is he not yelling because he can see me and I am not picking him up, but he's happy and giggling and talking*. It's not that he has to be held at all times, but his being pleased with being alone times are rare and short. He'll play under his Boppy, but I usually have to sit within the line of sight. He'll swing for a while if it's facing me. Right now though he's made it about half an hour so far, and even let me go do dishes without panicking that I was not there.
This is nice.
I'll take it while I can get it, especially seeing as how we had an hour long colic fit earlier.
I am going to try putting some laundry away and packing some boxes, but I think I will take the carseat with me so as not to press my luck.

Also, he liked his vibrating seat for the first couple of weeks, but now he'll have nothing to do with it. Did anyone else have that problem? Are the bouncy seats any better?