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Friday, July 08, 2005

Don't Wake Me, I'm A Monster

I am still very angry with Joe's parents about the fact that they would not hold Jack. I'm also mad at Joe right now too, but for far different reasons.

The agreement is that if one of us is asleep the theoretically conscious one will take care of Jack. I went to bed last night at around midnight, and Joe was still up on the computer. The first time Jack woke up and cried for a while I got up to feed him when Joe comes in and asks what I was doing.
What was I doing? I was taking care of the baby who you just ignored crying for five minutes even though you were awake in the next room, buttwipe. ( I think I may have worded what I actually said more nicely)
An hour or so later Jack is crying again, and once more I got up. This time I decided to peek and see why Joe wasn't getting him.

Here's the thing. If I am not in the mood, I have zero problem with him... entertaining himself. More power to him. He's not neglecting me, and he's not cheating.
But dammit, when the baby is crying and I was asleep I resent the hell out of having to get up 'cause Joe's too wrapped up in his porn.

When Jack woke up again at 5 and Joe was in bed but not getting up I just looked at him and told him he'd better not make me get up. (He then proceeded to leave the crying baby with me while he started the bottle, something he gets livid at me for doing. I'd had enough at this point and told him to shove it. Again, more nicely.)

We handle everything but night-time really well. At night, we're just evil.


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