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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm tired

I'm having a really difficult night. Jack's been crying most of the day, Joe and I didn't get much sleep last week and so we were short with one another and I feel badly. He's due home from work soon so I made desert. (It was from a box. I don't feel that badly.)
I tried cleaning up the living room and kitchen a bit, but I am terrified if I move around too loudly I'll wake the screaming monster, I mean, Jack.
Mostly I am just overwhelmed. We don't sleep much, I can't keep up with the cleaning and dishes, I don't have family nearby to help out and Joe works very hard. He takes charge of Jack on the weekends, but weekdays are hard for him when he gets home from a 9 hour shift and I go to bed so he's left with the next feeding or two.
We are hopefully heading back to St. Louis and thereabouts for the 4th, and I may be awful but I cannot wait to plant the baby in my mom's arms and sleep.


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